Bloop. Oh yeah, here's a song:

Songs of the Week: Relaxation Edition
"Officer; I was not drinking and driving. I was driving and partially deriving!"

This Will Destroy You - A Three-Legged Workhorse

Explosions in the Sky - A Song for Our Fathers

Boards of Canada - Sixtyniner

Songs of the Week: Balmorhea edition
This time around, I was in the frame of mind that called for something more calming, sincere, and emotionally stirring than what was contained in some of my previous posts. I introduce to you Balmorhea; lets begin.

The first song, Baleen Morning is my all-time favorite Balmorhea song. It's one of the few uplifting songs the band has produced that I truly enjoy. Here you go:

Next, I would like to share a song from their second album. This one seems to stir feelings of melancholy initially, but does become more exciting (dare I say hopeful?) towards the middle, and mellows out for the finish.

Third, and without comment, we have Remembrance, from their third album

And finally, here is a song from their most recent album. This album seems to be based on more of an ambient theme, and brings with it a beauty, although equal in magnitude to their other albums, it seems to come from another direction entirely.

Let me know what you think!

Song of the Week: Texico Bitches, by Broken Social Scene
No words can describe; it must be experienced.

Song of the Week: Little Wonder (Danny Saber Mix), by David Bowie
Not much to say, but here it is:

Song(s) of the Week: Dubstep!
I have, as of late, been the victim of a dubstep fixation. My speakers are crying. My neighbors are crying. My dog is unfortunately eating herself.

If you do not know why all of these horrible things are happening, then you must be unfamiliar with dubstep! Let us correct your offense. Dubstep is a real intense genre that utilizes heavy bass (electronically produced bass; lets not mistake dubstep for drum and bass!) to characterize the genre. Hold on a second while I find a good description from a website that can describe it better.

Ah, here we are. Thank you, Wikipedia:
"Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music, originating from London, UK. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals"."

And as such, my subwoofer (dare I say dubwoofer?) has been working overtime! A week or so ago, I found an excellent channel for many great dubstep songs called UKF Dubstep, and that is where we will be receiving our tunes from. If you do not have a good set of speakers, you may not be able to enjoy the music in its entirety. Lets skip to some songs and call it a night:

The Streets - In The Middle (Nero Remix)

Flux Pavilion - Hold Me Close

Bare Noize - Make Some Noize

Song of the Week: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), by Arcade Fire
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), by Arcade Fire is one of several awe-inspiring pieces of art that have been so conveniently compiled into a single disc, the label of which is "Funeral"; Arcade Fire's debut album.

The song, gentle in its implementation, seems to express a sense of juvenile love, desire, yearning, and the eventual fulfillment of such. The lyrics describe the story of an individual, presumably a young man, who is irrevocably in love with another person who seems to reciprocate the same sense of desire. The lyrics elaborate a bit on their love, and then venture off to describe their plan to be together, to mature (both mentally and physically), and perhaps an allusion to an ideal future. Although the tone of voice the singer chose seems a bit depressed, deep down, the song expresses a rather happy message of mutual love and satisfaction.

Arcade Fire - Neightborhood #1(Tunnels)

And if the snow buries my
My neighborhood
And if my parents are crying
Then I'll dig a tunnel
From my window to yours
Yeah, a tunnel from my window to yours

You climb out the chimney
And meet me in the middle
The middle of the town
And since there's no one else around
We let our hair grow long
And forget all we used to know
Then our skin gets thicker
From living out in the snow

You change all the lead
Sleeping in my head
As the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn

Then we tried to name our babies
But we forgot all the names that
The names we used to know
But sometimes, we remember our bedrooms
And our parent's bedrooms
And the bedrooms of our friends
Then we think of our parents
Well, what ever happened to them

You change all the lead
Sleeping in my head to gold
As the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn
The song I've been trying to sing

Purify the colors, purify my mind
Purify the colors, purify my mind
And spread the ashes of the colors
Over this heart of mine!

Song of the Week: Gardenhead, by Neutral Milk Hotel
I was recently inspired to begin making music related posts by a sweet music blog located at:

Check it out!

Gardenhead, by Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel is a rather interesting band. The lyrics are designed such that they rarely have any explicit meaning, and therefore leave the whole song open to the listener's interpretation. Their music is grungy, distorted, emotional, and incredibly amazing. The distortion really gives off an extraordinary sense of substance that is not easily described. As their lyrics are generally about not so happy subjects, the distorted instruments really reinforce the sense of longing, or melancholic emotion, contained within the singer's voice.

Gardenhead is no exception.

There are beads that wrap around your knees
That crackle into the dark
Like a walk in the park, like a hole in your head
Like the feeling you get when you realize you're dead
This time we ride rollercoasters into the ocean
We feel no emotion as we spiral down to the world
And I guess it's worth your time
Because there's some lives you live
And some you leave behind
It gets hard to explain
The gardenhead knows my name

Leave me alone, for you know this isn't the first time
In fact, this is twice in a row
That the angels have slipped through our landslide
And filled up our garden with snow
And I don't wish to taste of your insides
Or to call out your name through my phone
For the glory boys at your bedside will love you
As long as you're something to own

Follow me through a city of frost-covered angels
I swear I have nothing to prove
I just want to dance in your tangles
To give me some reason to move
But to take on the world at all angles
Requires a strength I can't use
So I'll meet you up high in your anger
Of all that is hoping and waiting for you


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